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I had the most amazing time reading at Type Books last night. I love the store, so much, and the location, which was also the setting for Too Much on the Inside, was perfect.

It was amazing to share the stage with such talented, lovely authors- Lisa de Nikolits, Dayle Furlong and Janette Platana. It was especially emotional because my friend, the author Lucinda Johnston also came. Lucinda used to work at Pages, a great bookstore that used to be at Queen and John. When I was an undergrad in Creative Writing, I used to go to shop at Pages all the time (and get the best recommendations from Lucinda) They used to have a shelf for small press books- and my biggest dream in the world was to one day have a book on that shelf. Sadly, Pages closed just before my first book, Got No Secrets came out- but it was especially amazing, and special to read on Queen last night, and to have Lucinda there. I love Type so much (I've also been buying books there for years)

Last night was amazing. Thank you so much to everyone who came :)

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