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New Review on Skinny Dip of Too Much on the Inside

Thank you so much to the wonderful Simone Paget for her incredibly thoughtful review of Too Much on the Inside for her website, Skinny Dip. I love this review so much, because it's like reading about a real life version of the story. This is my favourite part: "Dez, Lukas, Marlize and Nicki – the protagonists of the story, literally have “too much on the inside.” Their hurts, anxieties and hopes for the future are concealed from others, but always on the verge of spilling over the top. The title of the book is a perfect metaphor for being in your twenties, but also for living in Toronto – a bustling, multicultural city where everyone is from somewhere else, homesick, striving, forced to coexist in a melting pot of everyone’s different histories, disappointments and ambitions. I’ve always said that it’s hard to describe the inherent tension and energy that’s unique to life in Toronto, but I think Danila does a damn good job." Read the rest here

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