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Too Much on the Inside reviewed on the Thoughtful Blogger

Thank you so much to the immensely talented author, Carole Giangrande, for her thoughtful and lovely review of Too Much on the inside.

"It’s always a treat to read a fine first novel, and Danila Botha’s Too Much on the Inside is no exception...Her characters often made me think of those Contents Under Pressure labels on spray cans — people about to burst open from the force of their untold, richly layered stories. Botha has the gift of equally rich language to bring them to life, and her wonderful descriptions of downtown Toronto’s colourful vibe make for vivid three-dimensional reading...In Too Much on the Inside, Danila Botha explores the universal themes of loneliness, belonging and home.The reader’s in good hands with a writer who never stoops to sentimentality; whose characters, however troubled, struggle for goodness and connection."

thank you so much again!

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