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Portraits of Canadian Writers

In addition to mentoring and teaching, and finishing my new novel and writing short stories, my fun Covid project has been painting some incredible Canadian writers. I've always loved to draw and paint, but like everything else, there isn't always time, and for a long time I'd convinced myself that if I couldn't finish something it was better not to start, but I missed it. It's been so much fun combining two passions like this. (I used acrylic paint and canvas board or paper)

It's been such a pleasure and a joy to do.

Here are some of them.

Madeleine Thien

Omar El Akkad

Gary Barwin

Alissa York

Lee Maracle

Chris Bailey

Rawi Hage

Waubeshig Rice

Sigal Samuel

Sheniz Janmohamed

Pasha Malla

Elyse Friedman

Cedar Bowers and Michael Christie

Kris Bertin

Naben Ruthnum

Kevin Hardcastle

Michael Winter

Kathleen Winter

Farzana Doctor

Leesa Dean

Canisia Lubrin

Katherena Vermette

Miriam Toews

Heather O'Neill

Zoe Whittall

Lynn Crosbie

Rebecca Rosenblum

Elisabeth de Mariaffi

Danny Ramadan

Jen Sook Fong Lee

Ivan Coyote

Mona Awad

Megan Gail Coles

Adele Barclay

Grace O'Connell

Elee Kraljii Gardiner

Emily Schultz

Catherine Hernandez

Charlie Petch

Meaghan Strimas

Klara Du Plessis

Casey Plett

Alicia Elliot

Ayelet Tsabari

Shashi Bhat

Saleema Nawaz

Amanda Leduc

Jenny Hei Jin Wills

Jacqueline Valencia

Carleigh Baker

Catherine Bush

Vivek Shraya

Sidura Ludwig

Jael Richardson

Kathy Friedman

Alix Ohlin

Lindsay Zier-Vogel

Bianca Marais

Emily Pohl-Weary

Michelle Berry

Heather Wood

Amy Jones

Alison Pick

Tea Mutonji

Kamal Al Solaylee

Liz Howard

Jessica Westhead

Michelle Butler Hallett

Carrianne Leung

Charlotte Gill

Ann YK Choi

Becky Blake

Jowita Bydlowska

Scaachi Koul

Lisa de Nikolits

Kagiso Lesego Molope

Melanie Mah

Dina Del Bucchia

Cherie Dimaline

Eden Robinson

Dionne Brand

Diane Schoemperlen

Alix Hawley

Self Portrait (Danila Botha)


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