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Too Much on the Inside review by Farzana Doctor

I was really delighted and touched that when I went on Goodreads earlier, I found a really wonderful and kind review of Too Much on the Inside by the amazing author Farzana Doctor. Farzana's work is incredible- her new novel All Inclusive, is one my favourites of the year.

Here are some highlights from her review of Too Much on the Inside, thank you so much again:

"This is an insightful and compassionately written novel about the lives of four twenty-somethings who are recent arrivals to Toronto...The author did a terrific job exploring the aftermath of what it's like to grow up in contexts of violence, and how each character must ask themselves how they now can try to be good people--and who decides this for them... I recommend this book. Its characters will stay with me for a long time." Read the rest here:

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