Too Much on the Inside reviewed in the Literary Lollipop

Huge thanks to Lydia Kardum at the Literary Lollipop for this very kind review of Too Much on the Inside. I loved her perspective on everything.

"Danila Botha’s intriguing and insightful Too Much on the Inside....illustrates the immigrant experience in a unique, unexpected way....For me, Too Much on the Inside is about that elusive intersection between ambition and expectation. Or, if we want to get really blunt: fantasy vs. reality, what we want vs. what we actually have, and our inability to accept what is....Yet, despite what seems like some seriously insurmountable pain, within the final pages I caught a glimpse of potential, a sliver of light on the horizon, a promise of peace. Just enough to put a smile on my face. Highly recommended for anyone who has ever been thrown under the bus of life." Read the rest here: (and thanks again)…/too-much-on-th…/

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