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Three amazing books I've had the pleasure of reading and blurbing recently

It's always such an honour and joy to get to blurb books, to get to read something amazing and exciting in advance and to have the chance to share why I love it. I recently got to blurb Menaka Raman Wilm's beautiful novel, The Rooftop Garden which will be published this fall with Nightwood Editions. I got to read an early version, when I judged last year's Guernica Edition's novel contest, alongside Banoo Zan and KR Wilson. Unsurprisingly, she easily made our shortlist.

The Rooftop Garnden is full of gorgeous, sensory descriptions and memorable characters whose shifting dynamic you invest in deeply, with brilliant observations and social commentary.

You can pre-order it here:

and read about Menaka here

I also got to read and blurb Tanya Turton's debut novel, Jade is A Twisted Green, and wow, are you guys in for a treat. It's beautifully written, has incredible descriptions of Toronto, and explores queer relationships, identity, race, family and loss.

You won't be able tto put it down. It's out this Sept, 2022

Check out Tanya and her amazing work here:

Finally, Wayne Ng is an amazing writer, and his new novel, The Family Code is no exception. In fact, it was our second place winner for last year's Guernica Editions' novel contest. His characters are so compelling and realistic, they have such authentic voices, are morally complex and multilayered, and no matter what they do, his insights and compassion towards them are always clear. I can't wait for you guys to get to read it.

It's coming in Spring 2023, check him out here:


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