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Things that Cause Inappropriate Happiness update

I love writing short fiction so much. And while it's true that I'm always writing it, often I save stories for later. With my other two collections, they were structured so clearly in terms of theme, that it was clear what would or would not fit. This time, every time I think I'm finished (a new draft at least) I get a new idea that I absolutely have to at least try to execute. Thank God my wonderful editor, Michael Mirolla at Guernica Editions has been so patient with me. It's been incredibly wonderful to work on this collection, and I'm so grateful to Michael and the whole Guernica team for being so amazing. Aside from my story, Born, Not Made which will be in Querencia Press's Winter 2023 anthology (edited by Emily Perkovich, which you can order here If you're curious about Born, Not Made, it's part of a series of three connected stories about a girl called Lindi, and her family. If you're curious, you can read it here: (and you can check out some of my other stories too)

I seriously encourage you to buy Querencia's anthology though. I've been reading it all day, and it's fantastic. Amazing fiction, non-fiction and poetry by a variety of authors from all over the world.

I'll have a new story, called The Name Game which will be available on Bright Flash Literary Review ( at the beginning of next month. This story was inspired by the CAT POWER song, Names, from her beautiful album You Are Free. I can't wait to share the whole collection with you <3


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