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Some of my favourite books of 2022

I love reading so much. I think it's so essential for writers to read as much as possible, but it never feels like work, or just part of the job. Since I was a kid, reading has always been a pure pleasure and joy for me.

nI my excitement to share my list of my favourite books of 2022, I’m sharing portraits of the amazing writers and their beautiful books. (I wish I had time to cover everything I'd read and loved but these are some of my favourites)

First up, the incredible Heather O'Neill with her beautiful novel, When We Lost Our Heads

Next up, the jaw droppingly gorgeous short story collection, Nowadays and Lonelier from the amazing Carmella Gray- Cosgrove (published by Arsenal Pulp press, edited by the amazing Shirarose Wilensky)

Next up, the very talented Leah Mol, with her amazing debut novel Sharp Edges

Next up, the wonderful Susan Sanford Blades, with her incredible collection Fake it So Real, published by Nightwood Editions

Next is the incredible, Giller Prize winning Suzette Mayr, with her beautiful novel The Sleeping Car Porter, published by Coach House Books

Next up, Iddo Gefen with his incredible short story collection Jerusalem Beach

Next up, the amazing graphic novelist Ken Krimstein, with his incredible, moving graphic novel When I Grow Up

Next up, the amazing Alexandra Zapruder, and her incredible book, Salvaged Pages

Next up, Alexander Macleod with his incredible short story collection, Animal Person

Next up, Kim Fu, whose collection of short stories, Lesser Known Monsters of the Twenty First Century (Coach House Books) is incredible

Next up, Saeed Teebi with his amazing collection of short stories, Her First Palestinian, edited by the amazing Shirarose Wilensky at House of Anansi

Next up, the amazing Jen Sook-Fong Lee, and Stacey May Fowles, with their brilliant collection of essays, Good Mom on Paper, published by Book *Hug Press

Next up, the amazing Tara McGuire, with her incredible, moving work of non-fiction, Holden after and Before published by Arsenal Pulp

Next up, the amazing Kathy Friedman, with her beautiful collection of short stories, All the Shining People, published by House of Anansi

Next up, Omer Friedlander, and his amazing collection The Main Who Sold Air in the Holy Land (and that title story, just wow)

Next up, the amazing Sydney Hegele, and the incredible short story collection The Pump

Next up, Maria Adelmann, with both of her amazing books, her incredible short story collection Girls of A Certain Age, and her amazing novel, How To Be Eaten

Next up, the amazing Emily St John Mandel and her incredible novel Sea of Tranquility

Next up, the amazing Giller Longlisted novel What We Both Know, by the amazing Fawn Parker

Next up, the incredible Kate Beaton with her graphic novel Ducks, Two Years in the Oil Sands, published by Drawn and Quaterly

Next up, the beautiful poetry collection Nothing Will Save Your Life, by the amazing Nancy Jo Cullen published by Wolsak and Wynn

Next up, this incredible poetry collection Shared Universe by Paul Vermeersch

Next up, the incredible hybrid short story collection Wave Forms and Doom Scrolls by the amazing Daniel Tysdal, published by Wolsak and Wynn

Next up, the amazing A million, billion pieces by David James Brock

Next up, the incredible Governor General's award winning Annick MacAskill, and her beautiful poetry collection Shadow Blight published by Gaspereau Press

And finally, the amazing Jennifer Egan, and her beautiful novel The Candy House


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