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Short Story Contest Judge for Canadian Author's Association

I was thrilled to get to judge this amazing short fiction contest for Canadian Author’s Association, Niagara. I love short fiction, and these writers are so talented it was hard to choose. The winning story is so good and delightfully dark and unique. The top three were all so good I debated for days.

So proud of these talented writers!


Z.S. Roe - 1st Place - Gums and Gauze

John Pringle- 2nd PlaceA Place- Called Mullen

Jennifer Booth - 3rd Place- Victoria Day

Honourable Mentions:

Dawn Miller- Dominion Day

Benjamin Rempel- The Magician's Last Trick

Sylvia Barnard- Schuss to the Finish

Colin Brezicki- Airborne

Sylvia Barnard- Dear Arthur

Margo Karolyi- The Double Dare

Jeffrey Griffiths- Should We Say Grace

Trudy Walker- Choices

Cindy Matthews- In Honour of Miriam

Norma West Linder- A Wreath of Flowers

Scott Hallarn- Tainted Contents

Jim Leavens- Fair Play

I can’t wait for everyone to check out this anthology, which includes the top fifteen stories Also, check out their virtual event on May 29th


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