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Reader's Favourite five star review of Things that Cause Inappropriate Happiness

Wow, thank you so much to Justine Reyes at Reader's Favourite for her generous (five star!) review of my Guernica Editions collection Things that Cause Inappropriate Happiness. I’m so grateful for the thoughtfulness and the support. 💗

"Short fiction is not hard to come by, but impactful short fiction is. Danila Botha's Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness is a collection of slice-of-life stories around themes of diversity, wonder, and femininity... [the stories] are inclusive, emotional, and relatable...It's been a while since I have read a book, short story or not, that has given me such pleasure. I thoroughly enjoyed the stories even though I could not relate to all of them. That is due to Danila Botha's brilliance as a writer. Botha transported me to a world where the mundanity of everyday life, relationships, and circumstances feels romantic...The writing is reflective and witty, and the stories are quick and easy to read but also deeply intellectual. The writing is remarkable, with a profound quality that makes one wonder. Somehow, in 32 short stories, the author made me feel and realize that everyone is living their own lives that are just as real as mine (despite the stories being fictional) I cannot stress enough how much I enjoyed Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness, and I hope others who read it will find it as lovely as I did."

📚You can read it here:


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