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Muskoka Author's Association Short Fiction talk

I had such a wonderful time talking about short fiction at Muskoka Authors Association last night. So grateful it was so well attended and that I got to connect with such a talented group of writers. It was so much fun to read a new short story from my new collection too.

In honour of the conversation, I wanted to make a list of some of the short stories and collections I mentioned in the talk, plus a few more I just thought of that I think are amazing and must reads:

Heather O'Neill, I Know Angelo (from the Zoe Whittall edited collection Geeks, Misfits and Outlaws) and Daydreams of Angels

Zoe Whittall- Seven Stops Time and Half Pipe

Denis Johnson- Jesus' Son

Neil Smith- Bang Crunch

Margaret Atwood- Dancing Girls, Wilderness Tips and Bluebeard's Egg

David Bezmosgis- Natasha and Other Stories

Cherie Dimaline- A Gentle Habit

Banana Yoshimoto-Lizard

Michael Christie- The Beggar's Garden

Amy Jones- What Boys Like

Kris Bertin-Bad Things Happen

Kevin Hardcastle- Debris

Elyse Friedman-Long Story Short

Anthony De Sa- Barnacle Love

Pasha Malla- The Withdrawl Method

Tea Mutonji-Shut Up, You're Pretty

Ayelet Tsabari- The Best Place on Earth

Jennine Capo Crucet- How to Leave Hialeah

JD Salinger- The Nine Stories

Ivan Coyote, Missed Her and Loose End

Zsuszi Gartner, All the Anxious Girls on Earth Drew Hayden Taylor, Take Us To Your Chief

Rebecca Rosenblum, Once

Russell Smith, Confidence Alice Munro, Lives of Girls and Women


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