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Heliconian Club yearbook

As my time as writer in residence at the Heliconian Club is coming closer to the end, I just wanted to reflect on what an amazing, supportive community it is, how kind and enthusiastic about literature and writing the members are, and what a special environment it is. I’m so honoured that they chose me, and that they extended my time to last over all of Covid. It was such a bright spot in a strange time. If you’re looking to connect to a great community, with a wonderful history, I encourage you both to apply for the post, and to check them out in general. Their reading series is fantastic. They publish a yearbook every year, and a lot of my thoughts are here, in my entry. Thank you so much again to the literature section, to Christine Arthurs, Karen Shenfeld, Stephanie Wyeld, Ellen Michelson and all the other wonderful members for having me.


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