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A little more about my graphic novel

Just a quick preview from my graphic novel. The story, which starts in Tiberias (in British mandate Palestine) and travels to France in the 30’s, and continues through the end of the war. My character Vidal, a twin who almost didn’t survive his own birth, whose name means life, wrestles with his Jewish identity, remaining faithful to his wife, and protecting his kids, while trying to experience everything. He speaks Arabic and Hebrew as first languages and picks up French as he goes. He escapes the famous Jewish arrest at Vel D’Hiv, is hidden in the Great Mosque of Paris, joins a forger making false ID’s to help others, and eventually is caught and sent to Auschwitz. Growing up, I heard incredible stories about my mom’s family who moved from Morocco to Tiberias in 1850. Many Jews left at different points because it was hard to make a living. My great grandfather went to South Africa and got stranded there during World War II. I often wondered what would have happened if he’d gone to Europe. Vidal was one of my late grandmother’s favourite names (it was almost both my brother and my uncle’s names) I can’t wait to share this with you when it’s finished. I always get so excited when I read stories about Sephardic Jews- somehow there’s never enough. I just wish this story was less timely right now.

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