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A little bit of information on my new novel

People have been asking me about updates about what I've been working on, and I'm so excited by and grateful for the enthusiasm. I started my latest novel in 2017, as my thesis for my MFA at

University of Guelph MFA in Creative Writing (which was a fantastic experience that I can't say enough about) I got to work with and learn from amazing writers, got amazing feedback from talented peers, etc. At the same time as this was happening, and I was (am) teaching Creative Writing and mentoring writers, which is the hugest joy ever-- I started having health issues. They couldn't figure it out for the longest time (doctors thought I had mono, I had a million blood tests, things came back normal, no one knew etc) It turned out, eventually, that they figured out that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I never realized how important my finger joints and my hands were, how much being able to sit at a desk to work matters, how much energy it takes mentally and physically to finish a project. (I also just had another kid, a baby girl, who is awesome, but another thing that has taken time and energy) Anyway, I am on draft five of my novel now. It's been such an interesting experience and I have made so many changes (but have also recently gotten excited about this book again after finally figuring out how to fix some key stuff- with shoutouts to Elyse Friedman and my mentor since forever, Richard Scrimger)

I can't wait until it's really done and I can tell you more about the process, and the book itself-- but it's getting there.

I was also named the Writer in Residence at Heliconian Club this past September and I'm also working on a new short story collection as always (I've had a story in Dane Swan's anthology Changing the Face of Canadian Literature, and another story in Humber Literary Review, with more details about stories to come. Anyway, a lot is coming soon, including lots more details.


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