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IFOA 2017

I had such a wonderful time at IFOA: International Festival of Authorstoday. It was wonderful to be part of the Koffler Centre of the Arts panel for the Vine Awards with Eric Beck Rubin, Nick Hutcheson and Mary Anderson, and it was amazing to get to host two amazing events, and to listen to incredible authors reading and discussing their work, including Jean E. Pendziwol, Nicola Lagioia, Rachel Manley, Eduard Márquez and more. Here are some photos <3

With the amazing Misty Fox, who did such a beautiful job with my hair and make up <3

Hair and make up (and photo) by Misty Fox

It was amazing to be part of the IFOA/Koffler Arts panel with the amazing Nick Hutcheson, Eric Beck Rubin and Mary Anderson

With the wonderful Mary Anderson from Koffler Arts

With the wonderful Eric Beck Rubin

With the amazing Heather Wood :)

So excited to sign books!

With a wonderful reader :)

At the book signing table

With the wonderful Chris Penrose

With the amazing Antanas Sileika :)

Signing the IFOA posters! :)

With the wonderful Zviko Mhakayakora

With my amazing husband <3 <3

Hosting :)

With the wonderful Eduard Márquez and Jean E. Pendziwol

With the wonderful Ronna Bloom and Dane Swan

With the wonderful Zviko Mhakayakora and Bianca Marais

With the amazing Kathleen Winter, whose work I love so much. Such an honour to meet her :)

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