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For All the Men Excerpt and Review in the Winnipeg Review

Thank you so much to the Winnipeg Review for excerpting This Circus We're In, from For All the Men (and Some of the Women) I've Known in today's issue.

You can read it here :)

Also, thank you so much to Jonathan Valelly for the thoughtful review of For All the Men. These are my favourite parts: "The collection is composed of short, emotionally dense vignettes....By layering varying iterations of love’s path on top of each other, the stories tell how chance meetings or university flirtations can evolve into steep romances, then quickly into uncomfortable discoveries or withering affection....Botha has a talent with words and description and she is speaking smartly, even boldly toward and from within a milieu she understands... there are great moments of shine in this collection, including the break-up story “Start Being More Independent (and Stop Telling Me You Love Me),” which strikes a moving balance between the strangeness of getting to know one another, the self-narration of intimacy and the sudden simplicity of departure. The opening story, “Love and Polar Bears,” is an awesome blast of a young woman coming to terms with being the mistress in the grand narrative of her last relationship, dyeing her hair in an airport bathroom and thinking semi-seriously, “she couldn’t wait for global warming to kick in. At her best, Botha repaints the stoic male canvasses of Cheever and Carver, but with a sensing, reflective affect" :) So touched by the Carver comparison! You can read it here

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