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Globe and Mail Review of For All the Men (and Some of the Women) I've Known

It's always an honour to get such a thoughtful review, especially by one of my favourite journalists. Thank you so much to Steven W. Beattie of Globe Books for this review of For All the Men (and Some of the Women) I've Known. These are my favourite parts: "Power dynamics also pervade Danila Botha’s sophomore collection, which focuses on the romantic travails of a group of urban twentysomethings falling into and out of love, lust and friendship...Botha’s characters freely indulge in sex and drugs and copious amounts of alcohol in their quest to find succour or peace, though it becomes readily apparent that what they are most intent on discovering – and what proves most elusive – is some sort of authentic connection with another human being...The author is undeniably familiar with modern urban ennui, and the stories in her collection have an admirable directness and grit...Botha is clear-eyed in illustrating the ways her protagonists’ devotion to their vision of romantic purity is either subverted or results in the unintended consequence of alienating the very object of their longing"

You can read the rest here:

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