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Some amazing books I've read (and reread lately)

I’m in a period of reading a ton. If you know me, you know I’m obsessed with short fiction, writing it, reading it, everything to do with it. These have my favourites recently, they’re all spectacular I want to share thoughts on all of them.

1) Rachel Rose's the Octopus Has Three Hearts is a masterclass in imagination and uniqueness. Her insights and characterization are so sharp and beautiful, and the way she integrates people’s longings, needs and vulnerabilities with different animals is perfect. 2) We want what we want by Alix Ohlin is as smart and accomplished as all of her work, with the confidence of a writer who’s at the top of her game and of the form. There are so many beautiful lines I couldn’t choose one to quote. I love her wry, subversive observations. 3) Awayland by Ramona Ausubel is so precise and sensory in its settings and descriptions you actually feel transported. Every story feels like its own world. Beautiful characterization too, as in all her writing. 4) As I read The Dangers of Smoking In Bed, all I could think was, I can’t believe I’ve never read Mariana Enriquez before. I’ve never read anything like it, and the less you know the better. Haunting and beautiful and mind blowing (just don't read before you go to bed, unless incredibly vivid nightmares are helpful to your writing process) 5) I’m having a massive Chava Rosenfarb moment (so much so that my phone knew her name as I started writing it) Her short stories in Survivors are moving and excellent, especially Edgia’s revenge, which chronicles a fraught, complex codependent friendship. 6) Alexander Macleod's Animal Person is wonderful too. If you thought Light Lifting was accomplished, wait until you read this. Every story is a gift.


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