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new story, Black Market Encounters in the winter issue of the Opiate

I’m so honoured to have a new short story, Black Market Encounters, from my upcoming Guernica Editions collection, Things That Cause Inappropriate Happiness, in the new issue of The Opiate magazine. This was definitely one of the strangest and darkest ideas I’ve ever had, but after hearing about a couple who met when the woman, a midwife delivered the man’s then wife’s baby. I wanted to do more then just explore her story and how it happened. I wanted her to find friends who’d met their partners in unexpected ways, and see what they concluded about their lives. I’m grateful to Genna from the Opiate for being so wonderful to work with, and to my editor and publisher Michael Mirolla for being so supportive of my weird ideas. You can order volume 36 from their website (and read it in full in my book in April) 🧡🧡📚


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