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New short story, The Best Guy I've Ever Known from my new collection on On the Run fiction

I'm really honoured to get to share a new short story from my upcoming collection, Things that Cause Inappropriate Happiness, out with Guernica Editions next March. It's a very short one-- it's called The Best Guy I've Ever Known. I was thinking about the women who wrote about #WhyIStayed when it went viral, and also about #metoomovement and the women who found themselves on the other side of it. To me, the movement was overwhelmingly positive and powerful, so I find the other side interesting, to say the least. I hope I portrayed her with compassion and empathy.

The process felt similar to writing Wolf Eyes in my last collection, For All the Men (and Some of the Women) I've Known.

Thank you so much to the American publication On the Run Fiction for having me and being so lovely to work with.

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