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My deep love of short fiction

I will never, ever understand people who say that they don’t read or write short fiction, or people who say that it’s too hard to market. Short stories are designed for people with busy lives. You can read one, put it down, pick it back up whenever you have time. They’re a study in brevity, precision, maximum emotional impact, humour and insights. I couldn’t tag everyone, but some more of the greatest short fiction writers include Etgar Keret (Official) , Nathan Englander, Roxane Gay Pasha Malla, Erika Dreifus , Rachel Rose , Lisa Moore, Ayelet Tsabari, David Bezmozgis , Michael Christie, Kris Bertin, Cherie Dimaline, Rebecca Rosenblum Sidura Ludwig and so many more. It’s my favourite form ever- and this is just six of my bookshelves at home, just the tip of the short fiction iceberg. It's my favourite medium for so many reasons.


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