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Review of Too Much on the Inside in the Literary Review of Canada

Thank you so much to Amy Lavender Harris for the great and thoughtful review of Too Much on the Inside in their upcoming June issue. “The four protagonists of Danila Botha’s Too Much on the Inside are eager to escape from experiences that have alternately scarred or trapped them. Botha, whose first book (a collection of stories called Got No Secrets) drew praise for its compassion and urgency, brings similar sentiments to her interwoven portrayals of four new Torontonians of diverse origin (South Africa, Brazil, Israel and Nova Scotia) drawn to the openness and opportunities they sense Queen Street West might offer them…

Too Much on the Inside deserves praise for representing Parkdale’s cultural vibrancy and diversity, and in doing so moving beyond the derelict-hipster dynamic characterizing so many works set in the neighbourhood. There is an admirable freshness and enthusiasm in Botha’s writing, qualities that do not inhibit her ability to describe dark and even violent events”

Read more here :) Thanks so much again!


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