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Too Much on the Inside

I am SO excited to share that my novel, Too Much on the Inside will be published by Quattro Books in May 2015! :) The team at Quattro is fantastic, and it's an honour and a joy to work with them. The book is currently being edited by the amazing Sandra Kasturi ( of the amazing poetry collections, The Animal Bridegroom and Come Late to the Love of Birds) I'm a big fan of her writing, and I LOVE working with her. She's a fantastic editor, and I'm enjoying the process immensely. I hope to be doing readings this spring and I'll update here and on on my Facebook Page (check it out, with news.

As a preview, I want to share some of the incredibly kind Advanced Praise for Too Much on the Inside. It means so much coming from authors I admire immensely. Cathleen With, Richard Scrimger and Zoe Whittall have written some of the best books I've ever read. Check them out:,

"Botha has created a megamix of voices searching to belong in a big city gone sideways...a medley for the post-apocalyptic future that never came." - Cathleen With, author of Having Faith in the Polar Girls Prison

"Botha's new novel is a kind of bouquet -- a vase full of life snippets from Toronto's late-night world. Sweet and sharp, musky and startling, and full of yearning, the lives of these recent arrivals mingle together to create a vivid sense experience. Too Much On The Inside is an easy read in the best sense of the word: pacy, deftly plotted, hugely enjoyable." -Richard Scrimger, author of Mystical Rose

"Danila Botha's writing is both tenderhearted and sharp in all the best ways. In Too Much on the Inside there is so much to admire." - Zoe Whittall, Author of Holding Still For as Long as Possible

I'm excited to share the novel with you soon. (More details to come soon) I'm also working on a brand new novel, and hope to have more to tell you about that soon too. A lot more to come soon! xo

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